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Welcome to the CONDOR web page
Our company  Pavel Šmic- Condor is a producer of  sleeping-bags,  clothes of synthetic materials, teepees, typical  Czech scout tents, poncho raincoats, pillows, blankets and other products. As insulation in our products, apart from usual materials, we use also our own patented material Duotherm®. We can also make small adjustments of our products, when requested. All our products are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

hangáry velkoprostorové stany Tee pee stany na podsady historické stany zimní bundy ostatní výrobky pláštěnky spací pytle vařič dřívkáč

CONDOR - Pavel Šmic, Vorlova 896/30, 266 01 Beroun, Czech Republic,
fax: +420 311 600 081 email: info@spacaky.cz

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