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  large cotton sheds
A speciality of our firm is production of tepee tents and replicas of historical tents as well as large – sized cotton tents. We can also draw up a pattern according to your own sketches and pictures.


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the walls can be rolled up and fastened at the top


 The cotton material used has a waterproof and a fungicide finish. The 320g/m2 cotton material is recommended for occasional use. The 400g/m2 material is a mixture of cotton and polyester, it is more durable and therefore  recommended for long-term use.


  • We use machined spruce poles which have 5 cm in diameter. These poles are used in the following lengths: 210cm and 300cm for smaller sheds and 210cm and 350cm for larger sheds. The poles have a zinced steel spike at the end.
  • The pins are machined of hard wood and have a groove for fastening the cord
  • all the cord that is needed comes in a natural colour along with wooden tightening components


an overview table:


size in cm

 number of poles needed (short+long)

the minimal number of cords with a tightening component needed the number of pins needed
(when anchoring every 140cm/or every 70cm)
small shed 390 x 280 6 (4+2) 10 20 / 32
small shed 390 x 420 9 (6+3) 12 26 / 40
small shed 390 x 560 9 (6+3) 12 28 / 44
large shed 530 x 530

9 (6+3)

12 30 / 48
large shed 530 x 530 6 (4+2) +4 +12 / +22
large shed 530 x 250 3 (2+1) +2 +6 / + 10


large shed + 2x middle part extension


Custom-made tent with a hard frame construction. The connecting pieces are thin-walled, made of steel, with a surface polyester finish in a sandy colour. The price of the steel connecting pieces depends on the number of  “ends” ( the number of poles leading out of it ).


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